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Chemical-free & hypoallergenic mattresses, made with all-natural organic materials & fills, for medical or home use.

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With a great night’s sleep being the most important part of a hotel guest’s experience, some of the world’s finest hotels choose our beds to guarantee luxury, comfort and prestige.

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Camps and Dorms

Outfit your facility with our camp & dorm mattresses including bunk beds, latex mattresses, innerspring mattresses and mattress covers & toppers.

Our brands

Araam mattresses are exquisitely handcrafted and scientifically designed to deliver a personalized sleep experience
for healthy, life-changing sleep, catering to all classes of customers.

Know our brands

Luxury & Comfort mattress

The most comfortable mattress you will ever own. Born in England, handcrafted in Canada. Trusted since 1904, with royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II.

Healthy & Natural mattress

A mattress built for you, naturally. Quality hand-crafted construction using 100% natural latex. Free from foam & chemicals.

Hypoallergenic natural mattress

Hypoallergenic pocket-coil mattress line, with a contemporary look & feel, built with organic materials & fills, with an aim to rejuvenate your sleep.

Conventional & Economical

Machine-made standard mattresses for budget-conscious customers, looking for a conventional look & feel.

How it is crafted

Mattress making is an art and a science


Hand-tufting is exclusively a luxury mattress feature to keep multiple layers intact to reduce body impressions and retain product integrity.

2-Sided Construction

Our two-sided mattresses are built from the core out, with pocket-coil innersprings and latex, making them identical when flipped, offering twice the longevity.


We assemble each layer and stitch each weave by hand, ensuring a consistent level of quality.

Understanding our mattresses


Natural Latex

Pocket Coils

materials & fills

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