We craft luxury and comfort
to transform the quality of sleep”


Sleep is vital to every process in the body from
brain function and weight maintenance, to improving immune functionality and energy levels.

At Araam, we ensure that our Hypnos, Sova, and Sprout mattresses deliver nights of undisturbed, restful, and replenishing slumber.

Our mattresses are

carefully engineered

using high-quality, natural, and certified synthetic fill materials to provide the most comfortable night’s rest for many years. Our upholstery layers ensure the maintenance of body temperature at its optimal level, while expert construction provides adequate ventilation, durability, and vital support for your body.

Our philosophy is not just to help our consumers get a good night’s sleep. We want to help them live a better life and gain the benefits that a deep restful sleep can bring to one’s mind and body. This led to the creation of our custom Sleep Ecosystem Concept that educates our customers on the ideal environment for a restful sleep.


Sleep Ecosystem

Lifestyle, behavioral patterns, and environment are interconnected elements that control our body and health.

Self-regulation of the five senses is therefore essential to improve your quality of life and enhance the benefits that a proper night’s rest would bring to your mental and physical wellbeing. Treat your bedroom as the sanctum it is, and engage your senses for a tranquil, restful night’s sleep for better health.

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Be conscious of the types of food you consume and the times you eat, as it has a direct influence on how well you sleep. Certain foods aid in creating melatonin such as bananas, tart cherries, almonds, and chamomile tea, which can help you fall asleep easily; other food types like oily or greasy food, spicy meals or high-sugar snacks can disrupt your sleep. Identifying such food types and experimenting with what works well for your body will help you have a better night’s sleep.

Consider what you listen to before you prepare for sleep. For instance, calming white noise, sleep podcasts, meditation, soft music, or ensuring complete silence at night will provide for deep sleep. For example, if you live in busy suburbs, vehicle noises, emergency vehicles, late night crowds, loud music, or television noises of neighbors can disturb your sleep. Noise cancelling ear plugs can be useful in aiding proper sleep and deep relaxation. 

Electronic devices emit short wavelength enriched light, also known as blue light, which dampen the production of sleep-inducing chemicals in our brain signaling the brain to stay awake. Switching off devices a minimum of 30 minutes before sleep can improve how well you sleep. Maintaining a clean, cozy room and bed also impacts how relaxed you feel and is instrumental in preparing the mind and body for sleep. Exposure to sunlight and natural bright light during the day can help regulate the circadian rhythm of the body – more commonly referred to as “the body clock.” This signals and enables the brain to wind down and prepare for sleep as the surroundings get dark and night approaches. 

Aroma therapy, scented candles, and essential oil diffusers are very conducive in preparing your brain to relax and go to sleep. Poor smells, on the other hand, are more likely to disrupt your sleep and keep you awake. Recognize which smells are soothing and calming for you and take action accordingly. 

The feeling of your body relaxing on a comfortable bed is extremely important in inducing sleep. The touch and feel of it, combined with a mental awareness of approaching sleep, helps to fully relax and give into deep sleep. The mattress should be comfortable, supportive, and aligned to your specific body requirements – either soft, medium, or firm.

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Sleep Habit Assessment

Get a free Sleep Habit Assessment by answering a few questions and you will get an insight on what is keeping you awake, as well as handy tips for making your bedroom a better place to sleep.

Sustainability &
Environmental Initiatives

At Araam, we are motivated to give back to our community and environment.


Partnering with indigenous communities to promote, recognize and support local communities

Partnering with environmental organizations for re-planting - Giving Life with ONETREEPLANTED

Giving life back to our life-giving planet; to maintain a continuous and sustainable cycle of replenishing what we take from nature, Araam has partnered with Onetreeplanted.org to fund their reforestation efforts in Canada and other parts of the world. For each mattress sold, we contribute towards replanting trees through the organization.